Pink Lemonade

Mixed With Rum for me and my husband

Pink Lemonade for my kids

Today it was hot...hot here in Socal, I feel like summer will come sooner than expected. So I thought I would take a pause from blog about cosmetic or outfit and let's talk about our favorite drink on the hot day.
It supposed to be a Pink lemonade and I am mixed it up with fresh fruit and made it better, if I must say...It's so good that we can't get enough of it hahaha ( I am exaggerated again), is so refreshing, delicious.  I made this almost everyday and my children love it so much.

Ok here's the ingredient:

(Or you can use any brand you want but my favorite is Country time)
1/2 of the bottle or less it depends on how much sweet you want.
2 Apple cut thin sliced
4 Sweet Oranges (2 sliced it and the other 2 squeeze for the juice)
6 Strawberries
Sparkling water or drinking water ( I prefer drinking water because "no soda" rules for my kids)
Ice cube

Cut thin sliced the Apple, Strawberries and 2 of the Oranges, fill the pitcher with sparkling water/ drinking water  then pour the Country time Pink Lemonade to the taste. Squeeze the other 1 1/2 or 2 Oranges and mix the juice and water all together.  Place all the cut fruits on the Pitcher and put the ice cube to make it cooler. Refrigerate for at least 2 hour for the fruit flavor to infuse the water,  then you can serve it.

 And for my drink
I just add Light Rum or Vodka.

OK darling...I hope you enjoy my post and please do let me know if you try this.

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On my relaxing time, I like to surf around the net, searching for some goodies, and I stumbled upon these photos. Now tell me, who is NOT going to buy this clothes? specially when they presented so nice like this? they made it so interesting so we will tempt to buy and splurge our money on it, such big temptation I tell ya! Although they are fabulous and stylish but is in high end class and in my book it means expensive ( sigh huuu...) I have no problem with it but apparently my wallet has it, is in the mode of "tight budget" if you know what I mean? but the white outfit keep calling me, and I almost press the "buy now" button, lucky me...I  managed to snap out of it.

Despite the price tag, I think there's no reason not to enjoy this look it has simplicity, chic and very refreshing. It reminds me of summer breeze, strolling in the shopping center, summer vacation or hang out with friends type a kind of outfit, and there's always away to put on together such great fashion without breaking the bank.

These photos are such a inspiration, the way to good look and at least for now I can copy this look (specially the all over white outfit on photo #1) there's nothing wrong with that, right? after all...this is what fashion all about, to be an inspiration.

Ok darling...what do you think?
would you only dream about this outfit or would you press the "buy now" button?


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New Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Product

Dolce & Gabbana comes with 41 new beauty product for this season, although I wanted to try them all but I do understand that I can not have it all so here are some of the product that I'am dying to have it:

Dolce&Gabbana Sheer Shine GlossComes in 14 sheer ideal for everyday use.
Comes in 7 intense and high pigmented color.
Comes in 4 color in three-in-one product to cover up your imperfection.
18 compact color palates, each with 4 beautiful color ranging 
from matte to metallic and satin to pearl,
Comes in 20 semi sheer color and high shine finish.
Comes in 26 bold and rich color lipsticks.

Comes in 28 rich, mate high shine and very pigmented Lipstick
Comes in 9 soft, smooth and creamy formula lipstick

Versatile mate powder foundation

12 luminous color 

come in 7 color duo
2 color lightweight powder highlight and has beautiful shimmering finish

So what do you think lovelies...
Any one of this will be in your grasp. soon?


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