Naples Beach Florida


  swimwear from: Diane Von Furstenberg and summer dress from H &M / My little girl wearing swimwear from Target department store.

Hi Darling. just want to inform you that I won't be able to post new pictures for now until I got new computer and fix my camera, but I will try to post as much as I can with old pictures or maybe some pictures that I found form internet that have connection with the article that I will write. Anyhow my Apple Mac Pro just went kaput, although I can still fix it but by doing so I will lose all the pictures that I had in store on my computer file so I decided to just open the computer and take the hard drive so my pictures can be safe and say goodbye to the computer.
Ok lets talk about my last vacation, after spending four days on South Beach we move on to Naples Beach Florida, which is only two hours drive from Miami. Naples beach is very beautiful, in fact is listed as one of the most beautiful beach in the USA. Not so crowded, turquoise water and white sand beach. We stayed there for four days, and boy...seems like it not enough time, I love the atmosphere of the city  and the pristine beach full with beautiful White Ibis bird, seashells, sand dollars, star fish many other things. Also if you lucky sometimes you can find a sea turtle  wondering around a parking lot.
Before you reach the Clam Pass beach you have to go trough mangrove forest and coastal dune , thank you for Waldorf Astoria Hotel for providing the wood bridge between the parking lot to the beach and also you can catch a ride tram for free to get there faster.
There a small restaurant and a rental place where you can rent a boogie board, kayak, chair, table, umbrella and everything else that you need for the beach experience. This beach so far is "family beach" and I love it so much I am planning to go back again next year!

Ok lovelies, I hope you enjoy my pictures

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Our Miami Visit!


For this year, our family went vacation to Florida for 2 weeks, and of course no vacation without the beach. We spent four days at the popular South Beach in Miami, 4 days at the beautiful and secluded Naples Beach, and we continue the fun at Disney World Orlando for 4 days. It was fun and exciting vacation. And as promise, here are some of the pictures
 that I would love you to see.

Here, just arrived at the airport after 5 hours flight, tired and exhausted but still tried to look fabulous.

Area 31 Restaurant, Miami
Had dinner at one of the popular fine dining in Miami 'Area 31 Restaurant and lounge' at the EPIC HOTEL 16th floor. Very nice restaurant and the view is breathtaking, this is an ideal restaurant for date and night out "hang around" with friends. very nice restaurant and the view is breathtaking, I love the ambience and the food was delicious and also prepared with style but nothing really special about it. 

Epic Kimpton Hotel, Miami

We stayed in Epic Kimpton Hotel in downtown Miami for four days, it is modern, beautiful hotel over looking Biscayne bay. Originally, my husband and I planned to stay in South beach area which is only 7 miles from down town Miami but being over crowded and loud specially at night we decided to rent a car and just stayed at the Miami down town and drove everyday to South beach area. Stayed in Epic Kimpton Hotel was enjoyable, the customer service and the valet was excellent, but  the part that I don't like that we had to pay parking fee $40 to parked our rent a car over night. But over all everything was good.

South Beach

I am sure you read a lot of review about South Beach. And what can I say? It's South Beach: Party beach, sun, shopping, fun, restaurant, and never ending nightlife ( thank God...we choose to stayed in Miami at night). I love the vibe, the Art Deco and all the colorful buildings. 
The beach, however... was every disappointing, tons of seaweed, and I was a bit hesitant to go on the water and swim while surrounding with overwhelming amount of seaweed, it looked dirty to me and there was one point that I was so worried that my kids will get tangle with seaweed, but my husband and my kids just jumped on the water so what can't I say? Mommy jump on the water too, I din't want to missed the fun!
And while the beach was disappointing , we did enjoyed  the wonderful garden on the North Beach, while we there the kids play with Peacocks, Ducks, and also Alligator to watch.  My kids really enjoyed the park. 

Ok till next post, darlin!


Urban Decay 'Pulp Fiction' Collection


1. "PULP FICTION" Nail Polish    2."PULP FICTION"   Eyeshadow Palette
3. "PULP FICTION" Heavy metal glitter eyeliner


 "PULP FICTION" Revolution Lipstick   2. "PULP FICTION" 24/7 Glide-on
Lip pencil.

Pictures from:

Introducing a new line from Urban Decay, here's to you the limited edition 'PULP FICTION'
an inspiration from the popular movie on the 90s.In honer of Pulp Fiction 20th anniversary Urban Decay co-founder and chief creative officer Wendy Zomnir Inspired
to produce Pulp Fiction Collection for Fall.

 I'm not going to elaborate more about this product because I'm sure lots of blogger already mention this but I am going to talk about what I like about this collection. Talking about qualities, I given Urban Decay one of the best cosmetic out there. Now, it just the matter of colors...the collection are rather dark and edgy just like the movie, but if anything close to Mrs. Mia Wallace make up look, I would love to give a try...

Ok let's talk about the Eyeshadow,  this one I would love to have it. Has two Brown shade, Black, Blush Pink and off White to give a neutral vibe to the collection, it so much like "the 90s look".
The lipstick is in the dark shade more like a "bloody Red" so does the nail color, I might try the nail polish and the Metal glittery eyeliner ( I have similar one already) but I doubt if I ever wear the lipstick is a bit darker for me, but you never know...I might like it after all,  I just need to give a try, don't you think?!!!

Ok lovelies, what do you think about this collection?


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