New Christian Louboutin Nail Polish


CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN just lunches 4 collection bold and beautiful nail polish collection, here is the Rouge Louboutin nail color: which is a signature Red color of Louboutin, you've seen it in his every iconic Red sole. striking Red and very seductive. I think this color would be perfect for this coming winter season 

One unique bottle, has a stiletto cap, balustrade bottle is inspired by architecture of the18th century Europe, the costume design patten brush to ensure precise application, high pigmented, long wearing and luxurious nail polish.

Here are some of my favorite color from the rest of nail polish collection: 
Christian Louboutin 'The Pops' Nail ColourGroup of colorful gorgeous color, this colors are suitable for summer and also for next Spring.

Christian Louboutin 'The Nudes' Nail ColourThese are my favorite, nudes seems 'IN' for this season, I love most of the color from this collection, perfect for summer and Fall.
Christian Louboutin 'The Noirs' Nail ColourIt has a dark side just like its name,  bold and edgy kind of like vampy color. These color scream winter time almost here, love the dark brown, burgundy, violet mixed of colors.
With all gorgeous colors on these collection, I can't wait to put my claws in it but there's slightly problem,  it has $50 price tag, it makes it the most pricey nail polish out there, with that price tag,  I can help but wonder, is it worth it?would you splurge yourself with $50 nail lacquer?
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PS. Check it out the video!

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Into The Deep Blue Sea


Pictures borrow from Elena Kalis Face Book

Elena Kalis, she is one of amazing photographer, her pictures just bring our imagination run wild.  is amazing how she captures the light and the image under the water and make it look like illusion, just like stepping into the dream world under the water, beautiful yet mysterious.
Ok love, what do you think about her photos?
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Love her taste on designing bags and jewelries, she is one of 'rock n roll" talented girl.
What do you think about her design?
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